• It is a platform that aims to support projects at the phase of scriptwriting, to bring qualified scenarios to Turkish cinema and to turn these projects into movies.
  • It especially aims to pave young people’s way to make films with the TRT 2 Short Film Development Award that will be given to short films for the first time this year.
  • From this year, it also supports the projects of professionals who are in different stages of their careers along with giving Respect to the Master TRT Co-Production Award to one of the Turkish master filmmakers.
  • With the opening of applications for low share co-productions for the first time this year, 12 Punto aims to support not only Turkish films but also international projects.
  • After production and post-production processes, it follows and supports the festival circulation and international distribution processes of films.
  • 12 Punto supports the development, finance planning of pre-shooting, and international co-production processes and works of 8 projects which have received TRT Co-Production Award and TRT Preliminary Award among 12 finalists.
  • 12 finalist projects participate in the development and presentation (pitching) workshops and they present their scenarios to international jury members.
  • 12 Punto contributes to the development, the professionalization, and obtaining an international identity of cinema in Turkey with master classes, workshops and the panels where international figures attend.

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